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Safer Streets Minnesota – Helping you Get Back on the Road towards Success!

Have you been charged with Drug Possession, DUI, under-age possession of alcohol or drugs or any other drug offenses? If so, then the law will require you to attend a Risk Reduction Program or DUI school or DWI classes.  MN requires these classes to be certified and licensed by the Department of Public Safety or Motor Vehicles in Minnesota to have your driver’s license reinstated.

Now, if you are looking for a dependable teaching facility that specializes in professional DUI education there is no any other DUI School to consider but Safer Streets Minnesota. At Safer Streets Minnesota, we constantly strive to make the process of recovering from DUI/DWI as easy and quick as possible.

Indeed, driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol and some other impairing substances is a huge epidemic in our society that actually does not seem to be going away in the future. It can be very difficult to educate people about the dangers on such behavior as well as the consequences it can bring not only on the driver but also on the other people around them.

At Safer Streets Minnesota, it is our primary goal to help every individual realize the life-changing effects that drinking and then driving can have on them. We hope to convince people to think twice before they get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol or taking other danger substances.

What we Do

We offer a safe and enlightening sentencing alternative that provides cutting-edge DUI education that will empower every individual to make positive life choices to achieve a healthier and a more productive lifestyle. We do this providing high quality DUI education that will help improve the overall quality of their life.

We are the leading Defensive Driving School and DUI teaching facility in Minnesota committed to help our clients get through the daunting process of reinstating their driver’s license and live a safer way of life. We provide unrivalled levels of services to help our clients retain their driving privileges in a quick and simple way.

Unless you already have the experience in dealing with the legal process, you may certainly find the process to be very complex and costly. Safer Streets Minnesota will serve as your advocate, assisting you in every step of the process so that you can easily understand your options and determine the ways to put the process behind you as soon as possible.

What we Offer

Safer Streets Minnesota DUI Schools is a reputable teaching facility that specializes in DUI education required by the court to fulfill probation as well as court orders. We are a community-based business committed to helping every DUI offender by providing classes to teach the “Driving with Care Level 2” education books.

Indeed, Traditional Alcohol and other Drug related highway safety programs with the use of passive-participant program models such as films, didactic presentations, etc have been very educational. However, studies reveal that this more traditional approach hasn’t been very effective to reduce repeat recidivism and offending. On the contrary, there’s evidence revealing that a cognitive-behavioral approach to changing individual behavior has been very efficient in treating those with a history of criminal conduct and substance abuse.

With this, we are pleased to offer the “Driving With Care” program that primarily focuses on changing behaviors, attitudes and thinking that lead to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The courses and programs we offer are primarily designed to help our clients get back on the road to real success. We have been in the Driving School business for many years and all of our instructors have actually been approved by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration in Minnesota. We will bring innovative and unique presentation skills in all our classes to promote safe driving all the time. Our classes also use class assignments, group discussions, videos and some other valuable teaching skills that will keep our students interested for each class.


Level 1: 12 hours $250.00

Level 2: 24 hours $350.00

Payment Plans are Accepted

Payment due prior to each class

At Safer Streets Minnesota DUI Schools, we are pleased to operate newly remodeled classrooms that are designed to provide our clients with a learning environment that is professional, comfortable and private.

We know that everyone makes mistakes; it is really something inevitable in human life. If you need any of our professional programs, rely on us, as we have a great range of exceptional programs and services for you. We are here to help and not to judge.